Robert Piersanti

                                                               is best known as the painter behind modern pinups that and reference rock ‘n’ roll and pop culture. These works are drawn from photos of local women who model for Piersanti. He then uses black acrylic to transfer the designs onto canvases and adds colors with flat brushes to create a trademark printed look.  Piersanti works from life - particularly his own recollections of childhood, and his always-watchful eye looking to capture his next subject.  According to Piersanti, almost anyone could be a potential subject, yet he gravitates towards those with a certain spark. "Someone with a good self-image stands out or if they have a good inner light," said Piersanti. "The people who carry themselves with a certain confidence.  While the ever-modest Piersanti attributes color as the source of the spark in his work, his real skill lies in his ability to create vivid characters that seemed drenched with emotion. When one views his works, you can't help to feel a little of the essence of his subject - like the dreamy-eyed dancer blowing bubbles, a slightly melancholy barmaid, and a saucy mermaid with a secret smile.